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Homepage for What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings, Soul Guidance, and Psychic Development

What The Water Told Me offers psychic readings, ancestral readings, intuitive journey readings, past life readings, soul guidance to the dead, and mentoring in psychic development and honing intuition. All services are offered remotely via Skype or email.


What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings, Soul Guidance, and Psychic Development


Welcome to What The Water Told Me, run by me, Roberta Verdant. I offer psychic readings of various kinds to provide guidance on all areas of your life and to assist you in making important decisions. I also provide online mentoring in fine-tuning intuition and developing your psychic abilities. All options are available by Skype and readings are also available by email.

The art of tarot can help clarify what themes are playing out in your life and point to beneficial paths of action. I mix this with in-depth reading of your energetic body, melding psychic guidance and channeling in a down-to-earth, practical manner. A pure psychic reading is similar, but focuses solely on psychic guidance/channeling/reading your energy without the additional use of tarot cards.

I’m also currently offering Animal Spirit readings at a discounted, promotional price. Animal Spirit readings are perfect for animal lovers. These readings use the beautiful Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck and function similarly to a tarot reading, but provide particular focus on the guidance of energetic animal allies around you.

During a journey reading, I bring insight from the otherworld through a trance 'journey' on your behalf. Past life readings follow a similar format, but focus specifically on accessing guidance from a past life you’ve led, with the aim of this info benefiting you in your current reality. Past life work, like ancestral work, can be a useful tool in grounding you more deeply in the here and now.

Ancestral readings help connect you to the energy and support of your ancestors in a way you can integrate into your daily life.

I also offer soul guidance (AKA psychopomping). Sometimes, particularly when someone has died in traumatic circumstances, those who survive the deceased may feel the dead person's soul has become 'stuck' on this earth. The survivors’ may then hire a soul guide as intermediary. In this role I provide guidance to the soul of the deceased person, intuitively journeying on their behalf to help ensure they cross over to where they need to be, and find peace. 

My approach is to make the esoteric accessible. All readings, guidance and mentoring are ultimately focused on your empowerment. Journey readings, past life readings, ancestral readings and soul guidance by Skype are accompanied by a detailed write-up.

Explore the site to find out more about my different offerings.

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