About me

Biography of Roberta Verdant: tarot reader, psychic medium, psychopomp/soul guide to the dying, and founder of What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings, Soul Guidance, and Psychic Development.

Image by Moana Photography

Image by Moana Photography

About me: 

I am a wild swimmer and ocean-lover with twelve years’ plus experience in practising divination. I love writing fiction, poetry and non-fiction, many things artsy, and spending time with animals. My background features extensive facilitation of writing workshops. I have a blog based at The Huffington Post, as well as a divination blog, To The Water & The Wild

I hold qualifications in Counselling Skills, Level One (2015) and a foundation in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Dance Voice in Bristol (2015). I trained as a psychopomp (a soul guide to the dead and dying) at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland (2016). Currently, I am studying Soul Midwifery.

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