Ancestral Readings

Psychic/intuitive readings connecting you to the guidance and support of your ancestors. Available by Skype or email.

Ancestral Readings: 

An image of one of my own ancestors: my great grandmother Irma

An image of one of my own ancestors: my great grandmother Irma

For ancestral readings, I use trance journeying to focus on the energy of your ancestors, addressing blocks or patterns from your lineage that are inadvertently playing out in your own life. Additionally, these readings can look at practical ways to harness the support of your ancestors in the day-to-day. If you have an existing ancestral practice, this reading may deepen your connection. Ancestral readings are available by Skype or email.

How does it work?

An ancestral reading includes an intuitive journey to your ancestors in the otherworld, prompted by a question of your choosing. You may ask that the journey is to a particular ancestor or branch of your ancestry, whether literal or metaphorical. Once I have received guidance on your question, I convey that to you during the reading.

During readings, which typically take 50 minutes, I encourage you to be as comfortable as possible. You may wish to have a pen, paper and a glass of water to hand. You are welcome to ask questions.

I aim to create an environment where you feel completely safe and welcomed in the wholeness of who you are. I have a non-judgmental and LGBTQIA friendly approach and hold everything shared in a reading in strict confidentiality. The only exception to the confidentiality rule would be if a recipient revealed intent to harm themselves or others. 

If you would like me to address a specific theme that you do not see listed here, please get in touch. I welcome queries and am happy to tailor readings to your needs. 

To book an ancestral reading or find out more, please contact me here.