Journey Readings

Roberta Verdant of What the Water Told Me offers journey readings via Skype or email. These readings encompass a preliminary intuitive/psychic (trance) journey on the client's behalf on a question or theme of their choice.

Journey Readings:

Journey readings involve me taking a preliminary intuitive 'journey' on your behalf. Journey readings are particularly well-suited to deep-seated questions and matters of the soul. They take place via Skype or email.


Photo by Moana Photography

Photo by Moana Photography

How does it work?

As a recipient, I ask you to provide me with a short, focused question or theme on which you are seeking clarity. Ideally, you would initially provide as little information as possible beyond the basics, to avoid inadvertently influencing the reading. For readings by email, we will agree on a time-frame within which you’ll receive the reading (generally 48 hours or less).

I inwardly ‘journey’, which involves entering into a trance state not dissimilar to meditation, to bring back detailed information regarding your question. I then pass this information on to you during a Skype reading or convey it through email. Some clients request that the journey is to a particular being in the spirit world: perhaps a specific spirit being or deity, or a person who has passed over.

Skype readings last roughly 50 minutes. During a reading, it’s great if you can be as comfortable as possible. You may wish to have a pen, paper and a glass of water to hand. Questions are welcome in the process.

My intention when working with you is that you feel safe and entirely welcome in the totality of who you are. Readings are non-judgmental and LGBTQIA friendly. Any information revealed is strictly confidential - the only exception to this would be if a recipient disclosed intent to harm themselves or others. 

What Is Journeying?

'Journeying' is something I have been instinctively doing since long before I had a name for it. At its most basic, I use the word ‘journeying’ to refer to a focused inner 'journey' to interior worlds or realms. If you believe in other worlds, this can be quite literal, but you may wish to relate to it on a metaphorical level. You could also view it as delving into something akin to Jung's concept of a collective unconscious.

As an adult, I became familiar with the concept of Shamanic journeying. As the term 'Shamanic' does not originate from my culture, however, I try not to apply it to my work. These days, my journeys are grounded in regular practice - the same way I have developed my intuition. Essentially, I see my practice as reading someone on a soul level and aiming to reflect this back to them.

To book a journey reading with me or to find out more, please get in touch here.