Pay it Forward Fund

Pay it forward fund for readings: a fund for people who would like a reading, but can’t currently afford one. Want to pay forward a reading for someone, or be considered for a pay it forward reading? Get in touch.


Pay it Forward Fund for Readings:

Sometimes people mention to me they’d love a reading, but can’t afford one. Then one day somebody anonymously paid forward the gift of a reading to someone who wanted one and didn’t have the spare cash right then. This began the ‘pay it forward fund.’

How it Works:

Want to buy a reading for someone – either a stranger, or someone you know? Contact me for payment details, letting me know if you’d prefer to be named or to stay anonymous. Readings are priced at £25 for a three card reading, £70 for a psychic reading, or psychic tarot reading, or £80 for a journey reading, ancestral reading, or past life reading.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who’d like a reading, can’t afford one and would like to be added to my secret list for people who’d like a pay it forward reading, get in touch. It’s totally confidential, and there’s no judgement involved. Whenever a reading is paid forward, I contact the next person on my list and offer it to them.