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Testimonials for What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings

Testimonials from past clients of: What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings and Psychic Development

Testimonials From Previous Clients of What The Water Told Me: Psychic Readings, Soul Guidance, and Psychic Development:


Roberta reads with great clarity, sensitivity, and accuracy. I’m really picky when it comes to this kind of thing, and I don’t like a lot of meaningless fluff. Within the first five minutes, I felt I’d gotten my money’s worth from the session, and of course much more followed. If you’re looking for a journey or reading, Roberta is a great person to consult.

- Rebecca Wright

Roberta journeyed on my behalf before the reading and I'm so glad I chose that option. It really helped me stop worrying about certain things, felt very reassuring. It helped me recognise where I was putting too much pressure of myself.

The reading also involved a lot of topics that I've been musing on for a while - lots and lots of confirmation, all very relevant and enlightening!

It was a really valuable reading which helped me clarify my intentions in a few places. I admit that as someone more naturally inclined towards scepticism, I was surprised how specific some parts were!

There was so much to take away from the reading...Roberta was very professional and kept on track, which tends to be rare! I have a pattern of inserting tangents and non sequiturs in conversations, which Roberta completely side stepped! So not only are the readings incredibly personal and useful but I have every faith in Roberta's communication style(s) suiting most people.

- Claire Gamble

I had such a fabulous, insightful reading from Roberta. She understood me to a depth that I have never experienced in journeying and reading before - she picked up on many things I already understood about me and my soul's path, and introduced me to a lot of new things that felt really instinctively right. Her tarot guidance felt exactly what I needed. Thank you Roberta for your wonderful insight and care. You have a really rare gift.

- Donna Gerrard

My reading from Roberta was fantastic. I've had many readings from different people over the years. I knew Roberta would be good, and as it turned out she gave me the best reading I've ever had. The information she brought through for me was of the clearest and most helpful quality. It confirmed some ideas I hadn't yet dared believe in and also gave me a lot of new information to think about, all of it useful, practical and yet grounded in a solid spiritual basis. Thank you! I will definitely be coming back for more.

- Gabriella Cinquemani

Roberta is deeply intuitive and wonderfully on point. My reading has given me clarity and focus I was lacking just when I really needed it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

- Awen Clement

Roberta did a reading for me, remotely, a couple or more months ago. It was, at the time, eerily accurate in many aspects. The journey was a joy to read and the advice solid and spot on. This coming from the slimmest of information that she has on me. Now, here is the kicker... in light of recent developments, I went back and reread it again. I am even more surprised at how prescient her vision was. A "thing" was happening, a dynamic was occurring that I had no idea about. It was clear in her reading but only became clear to me later when life circumstances pretty much followed her words like a road map.

I approach having a reading from an "empirical" manner. I usually get a "blind reading", second opinion on the same subject and cross check it. The two people who I normally go to wind up in concurrence with each other. Roberta needed no cross checking for veracity. Not from me. Not after rereading her work this morning in light of recent things in my life. I can attest to the efficacy of her readings. I will have her do work for me again.

I highly recommend her.

- Bernard Rizzo

Had my first tarot reading recently and I wasn't sure what to expect, but I couldn't be more impressed with what Roberta picked up on! Some very accurate and relevant observations complemented with helpful and practical suggestions, wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommend... thank you.

- Tom Smit

I found my Journey reading with Roberta so spot on. Not only did she give me valuable, insightful and practical guidance for my future, but I felt understood as a person and in terms of the role my past has played in my current situation. I felt that my unique path was respected. I was amazed that she picked up the specific study situation I am about to embark on and this felt like a confirmation of this route. I also related deeply to the animal ally she got in touch with on my behalf and it has led me down some interesting new roads of self-exploration, as well as validating some of my inner qualities. Thank you, Roberta!

- Morgan Nichols